Gas prices are averaging just above two bucks a gallon in East Texas right now, and that's about fifty cents cheaper than it was on the 4th of July weekend last year. Road trip on!

Even better news for drivers - gas prices are expected to dip under the two-dollar mark again this fall and they could crater at a level so low we'll be doing a double take.  So how low will they get?

Usually the summer driving season brings higher prices, but not this week.  Gas prices have fallen two cents since Monday, to the current national average of $2.29 per gallon.  The new AAA report says the national average a year ago was $2.77, and two years ago on the 4th of July weekend it was $3.65.  And remember 2008?  That was a painful year for gas - so to speak- when the average price at the pump was $4.11.  We're having none of that this year. has Lufkin's prices between $2.01 and $2.09 heading into the big holiday driving weekend.

By December, GasBuddy is predicting the national average will be $1.88 per gallon. That's the national average, factoring in California, New York, and Hawaii, which are always sky-high states compared to Texas.  We might be in the $1.60s at the end of the year, who knows.

This trend  is not good news for the oil and gas industry, but it's great news if you have a road trip to Houston planned for the weekend.  With gas prices low and about to get lower, you've got more money to spend on fireworks, flags, brisket, and booze. Have a great 4th.

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