If Valentines Day doesn't get your heart racing, perhaps you just need a Hallmark Movie to kick start your emotions. Full of heartthrobs, requited and unrequited love ... A cheesy, good, or cheesy good Hallmark movie might just be the thing you need.

Lifetime used to be the place for these type of romance/fantasy movies, but these days they are too busy cashing in on villainous men. That model works for them, but in the Hallmark world, there is only pure escape. Imagine a world where you always get the Disney Prince, instead of like in most mainstream movies where the guy gets the girl.

Based on Google search data for all the movie titles the Hallmark channel plays, I  looked for the most searched for Texas in the last calendar year. Since that search included the recent holiday months, you would think a Christmas movie would make the list, but in Texas "The Birthday Wish" was tops. The title character, Gwen's wish is apparently a proposal from the leading man in the film.

This movie has it all, Luke MacFairlane, puppies, and it's so super sweet. It's not only the top movie in Texas on the channel. We share it with Florida, and California among others.  If you want to catch this one for yourself, set the DVR for the Hallmark Channel, on March 9th.

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