There are just certain things that you don't do when eating food in East Texas.

The list below describes just a few subtle (and a few not-so-subtle) unwritten rules of dining "etiquette" when your under the Pineywood veil.

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    Don't Put Beans In Chili

    This one speaks for itself. If you're making and/or eating chili here, don't add beans.

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    Don't Add To Your Steak

    Steak, if cooked correctly, shouldn't need any add-ons. Steak sauce, BBQ sauce, anything like that should not be added to help with the flavor. (And while you're at it, BBQ should be able to stand on it's own without sauce as well.)


    Don't Burn The Food

    On the same note as #2: "well-done" is not acceptable. Whether you order a burger, steak, etc., stop at "medium-rare".

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    Don't Accept Substitutions

    Contrary to popular belief, there are not always substitutions as good as the original. Mr. Pibb IS NOT as good as Dr Pepper; Cola IS NOT as good as Coca-cola; and, above all, no ice cream is ANYWHERE near as good as Blue Bell.

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    Don't Feel Bad About Getting Dirty

    This is a somewhat big deal here. If you're getting good BBQ, pizza, whatever, don't feel bad or guilty about using your hands and getting them dirty. They wash, right?