Today, while strolling through the outdoor section of our local Walmart, one particular product caught my eye. Normally, I'm not even paying attention to the items on the shelf, except for whatever I'm at the store to buy.

But today, for some reason, when I looked up, a box featuring a picture of this product was in my line of sight. I was blown away by what I saw there.

Right there, at eye level was a manual push mower. That's right, a lawn mower WITHOUT the motor. I was not aware that these were even MADE anymore. However, sitting on the shelf, for less than $100, was a bright red, 18-inch lawn mower. It took me a moment to really take in the fact that I could buy one of these.

I realize that some of you are sitting there saying, "I remember when that type of lawn mower was all we had." However, this was a little before my time. We always had powered mowers when I was growing up.

I realize that I'm rambling, and this whole thing is coming off as privileged, but it honestly surprised me to see one of these mowers available for purchase in Walmart.

Don't believe me? You can see the pictures for yourself.

Y'all, I swear I'm not advertising for them, but I may have to ditch some of the gym equipment I've accumulated and start push mowing my way to fitness.

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