We've got our hands on a couple of Xbox Live Gold memberships and Playstation Plus memberships, each good to last your gaming needs for a full year.

We Are Giving Away 12 Month Memberships To Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

We've also got an Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle on our site until June 7th.

THAT'S THREE SEPARATE CONTESTS, and you can get entries for all of them!

Even if you don't play video games, chances are you have someone in your life that does. Those gamers will be very appreciative if you won one of these prizes and gifted it to them.

If you are a gamer, you were most likely going to shell out the money anyway, so you might as well get social with us, and save yourself some cash that could go into buying yourself a new controller or some much needed Doritos and Mt. Dew. (That's probably offensive, but that's what I'd use my money on.)

This is the face of a man considering leaving his job so he can be eligible to win some of our contests. Ha, poor James.


Click on the membership you are most likely to need, or navigate to both and get all the possible entries you can. It couldn't hurt.












Want to win even more awesome prizes? Download our app and get the latest updates on all the cool stuff we're giving away. We keep the winners local to East Texas, but that's really just because we don't feel like dealing with the postal service.

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