We all have those days...the days where we actually get all our work done, and there's no more real work in sight. This generally happens towards the end of the week as you're wrapping everything up, getting ready for the weekend. My question to you is, what is your preferred method of keeping yourself occupied?

Are you one of those that keeps your Netflix account permanently on one of the tabs of your internet browser? You know, one of those people that keeps up-to-date with their shows during the work week.

Perhaps you're one that enjoys just having music playing. Whether you're really contemplating the music, or if it's just on for noise in the background, maybe Spotify or Pandora is your go-to when you aren't bogged down with work.

Maybe you're one of those people that doesn't believe in down-time at work. You constantly look for, and find, something else to do. That way, you're busy from the time you get to work in the morning, until you clock out in the evening.

For some of you, maybe none of these descriptions fit you. So, what is YOUR preferred way of killing time during the work day? Let us know in the poll below.


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