Little kids are onto something.

In the most groundbreaking news we can possibly imagine, scientists say picking your nose is good for you. What's more, snacking on the boogers that you find when you stick your digit halfway to your brain is also healthy.

And it's not for reasons you think.

The snot that stacks up in the nose can help against bacteria. According to Kidspot:

There’s something called salivary mucins in snot, which protects our teeth from a type of bacteria that’s responsible for causing cavities. So, your child eating his or her snot, is not a bad thing at all. The salivary mucins actually stop bacteria from latching onto the teeth."

Scientists find the snot to be so promising they're trying to find a way to make gum made of fake mucus (good luck competing with that, Trident). There are some in the medical community who also think that mucus may also do wonders when it comes to fighting respiratory infections, ulcers and HIV.

Austrian lung specialist Prof Friedrich Bischinger tells Britain's Independent he thinks people who pick their noses are "healthy, happier and probably better in tune with their bodies than others."

He then provided the best quote you're ever going to hear: "And eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body’s immune system. Medically it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do."

Dig in, everyone.

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