For those of you that don't know, today is National Star Wars Day - or maybe it should be Intergalactic Star Wars Day - I don't really know. Either way, May 4th is Star Wars day because of that famous line that was used in every movie, "May the force be with you". Get it? May the force = May the fourth. I'm sure I didn't have to explain that, but anyway...

I was sitting here thinking - because apparently I have the time to do that - how can we go about celebrating this legendary tale? Check out these ideas.

  • Lucasfilm

    Have A Star Wars Marathon

    Yes, I realize that this seems to be the most logical way to celebrate Star Wars Day. However, it's also the easiest. And "I don't own the movies," is not a relevant excuse. There are probably multiple TV channels airing them, and if not, BORROW THEM. Also, you must watch them non-stop. Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back. I think that covers all of them.

  • Lucasfilm

    Talk Like Yoda All Day, You Should.

    I don't care what your co-workers think about it. Talk like the little green master all day long, no matter who you're talking to. Your boss, your clients, friends, family, whoever. Keep this up all day, you will.

  • Photography by Luke Brown, Townsquare Media
    Photography by Luke Brown, Townsquare Media

    Put A Custom Star Wars Wrap On Your Vehicle

    So, if you read this and your first response was, "That's way too expensive," then you're wrong. It's Star Wars. Totally worth every cent.

  • Todd Anderson, Disney via Getty Images
    Todd Anderson, Disney via Getty Images

    Go To Disney RIGHT NOW And Find Every Single Star Wars Attraction They Have

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get plane tickets, get Disney passes, get to the airport, fly to the theme park, enjoy the attractions, NOW. Simple enough, right?

  • Anovos

    Dress Up Like Your Favorite Character, And Rock The Outfit All Day Long

    More self-explanatory stuff. Not creepy at all.

  • Tumblr

    Dress Your Dog (Or Other Pets) In Star Wars Attire

    Because, hey, why should humans be the only ones to celebrate Star Wars Day?

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Set Up An All Day Hangout With George Lucas

    What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day, than to hang out with the man that brought it onto the big screen to begin with? You've got those kinds of connections, right? *Note: If you really do, please share the wealth.*

  • LEGO

    Three Words: Lego. Star. Wars.

    Lego Star Wars. Buy the sets. Build the sets. ALL of the Lego Star Wars.

  • Star Wars WIkia

    Build Your Own Landspeeder

    Because it's cool. And because you've got that kind of knowledge, right? Right.

  • loading...

    Follow All Of The Actors On ALL Of Their Social Media Accounts, And Reach Out To ALL Of Them

    That's not stalker-ish, right?

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