If a state trooper speeds by with no emergency lights on, can you pull him over?  One man did it in Central Texas, and the video is going viral.

Several TV stations have asked to use this Youtube video on the news, and it's helping this man's story go viral.

A Texas state trooper zoomed by with no emergency lights on, and 26-year-old Phillip Turner decided to follow him, pull him over, get his name, and take a picture of his license plate.  He doesn't recommend doing it, but said it would have been a different story if the emergency flashers had been on.  It happened last week on a stretch of I-35 north of Austin, between Jarrell and Belton.

ABC News ran the story, and reported "the trooper in the video is David Granado" and he "notified his chain of command of the incident, and it is currently under review."

This was such a calm, interesting, peaceful confrontation.  It's almost unbelievable.  Comments?  Share the video with friends and co-workers who haven't seen it yet.

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