McDonalds recently announced that it was about to break ground in the area of Applebee's in Lufkin.

UPDATE: The new McDonalds will be near the Whataburger on hwy 94. Not near the Applebees.


That would put the total restaurants at four within a 5 mile radius.  Well to answer the question why, it's because business at all 3 of the current locations are booming. Do you ever drive around the state and see a McDonalds with 2 lines like ours on Timberland. No you do not! It's really awesome, and faster than any McDonalds I've ever been to.

The one at Crown Colony, basically caters to traffic on HWY 59, and a few people from that side of town. The station is right behind the one on Timberland, so I never really go to that one.

From what I understand about the new generation of McDonald's resturants, this is going to be something completely different. A new experience for all of us. Plus it will be right in the area where people are already getting lots of fast food. It will put them back in the mix, in prime real estate.

So the question is, do we need four? No WE don't. This is not about us, as much as it is the fact that Lufkin during the day grows to a town of over 100,000 people. Not even counting the ones that are just passing through, and need a bite to eat.

McDonald's is changing, and this new store is going to be a flagship in my opinion and a destination in and of itself for travelers coming through our town. Plus the menu is changing, and keeping in line with what people are eating now.

Now if they'd hurry up and announce that Mulan Szechuan sauce, we can all move on with our lives.

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