If you haven't already heard via social media, a librarian from one of our local school districts was featured on the Today Show this morning, as part of the series Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

Shelly Starr, the librarian for Hemphill ISD captured the attention of NBC's Today Show for the work she's done to make sure that students have books to read. It's called the "Golden Ticket" book program. She's definitely gone out of her way to make sure that she can get books into students' hands so that they can read.

Just in case you weren't able to tune in this morning (May 10), the video from the Today Show is below.


In light of this video, take a minute to thank the educators in your life. They may not ever be featured on TV, but most of them do have the same heart for their students, just like Mrs. Starr.

Thanks to all the teachers and educators looking out for the next generation!

And a special shout out to Mrs. Shelly Starr at Hemphill ISD!



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