Beer, beets, and Battlestar Galactica!

This pop-up bar in the DFW will take care all of your paper needs. If you are looking for a new night spot to hit, a short day trip might just be it.

It's not exactly "Poor Richard's" but we're willing to bet the patrons will get up, tie some yarn and do the "Scarn" with ya.

According to WFAA8 in Dallas, the pop-up bar known as The Whippersnapper is altering their scene to be Dunder Whiplin, Inc. Beverage Company.

With news of Netflix possibly losing the Office series, and old cast members breathing new life into the fandom with the Office-Ladies podcast, it's not hard to imagine that people would want more "Office" in their lives.

I'm here in East Texas, but a three hour drive doesn't seem so bad to be around like-minded paper/beer enthusiasts. Then again, once it's gone I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to throw yourself an "Office" themed party to get it out of your system.

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