Memorial Day this Monday is the time that we reflect back on all the service men and women that have given their lives for our freedom. This is also combined with what is the start of summer for many families. Graduation is over, classes have ended, and everyone is ready to let their masks down.

We can honor those heroes by exercising the liberties we now freely enjoy because of their sacrifices. In Nacogdoches there is a full itinerary for this weekend. Everything from arts and crafts, to a full blown concert. If you are ready to enjoy the great outdoors, it looks like the weather will be accommodating.

1.Start off the weekend Friday with some art and crafts at Piece Maker's Studios. I have had many family members go to this facility and make items that are proudly displayed in our home. If you have never gone, it's a treat.

2. Start off your day Saturday with a visit to the Nacogdoches Farmers Market. Fresh, locally sourced produce is a great way to start things off now that school is over. You are having to make at least one more meal a day, and this way you can make it as healthy as possible.

3. Enjoy a Concert this Saturday Night in Festival Park in Nacogdoches. Already Gone is an Eagles Tribute Band from Houston. Tickets start at only $5. Gates open at 7pm, concert starts at 8pm. There will be food trucks and vendors. No coolers allowed.

4. Sunday  cool off in the Camp Tonkawa Swimming Hole. The natural spring water there is always a cool 68 degrees. It's very close to Nacogdoches in Garrison.

5. Honor the Fallen Soldier on Monday from 11am - 1pm on Pilar Street behind the Charles Bright Visitors Center. The Men of Praise Nacogdoches Gospel Quartet will perform.

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