The folks at Schlitterbahn Galveston are calling the water coaster 'Massiv Monster Blaster' and when you get a look at it, you'll know why.

The YouTube channel Coaster Nation did an animated 3D rendered P.O.V. run-through of Massiv, but we're sure it doesn't match the excitement of actually being on this bad boy. Check it out!

Suddenly that trip to Galveston seems a lot shorter than you originally thought, huh?

Massiv stands 81 feet & 6 3/4 inches in height, and is claiming to be the World's Tallest water coaster in the world. This thing is brand new for the 2016 season, so you might want to come down and help break it in ... if you aren't too scared.

This thing even goes uphill with the use of patented 'Master Blaster' technology invented by Schlitterbahn’s own, Jeff Henry.

At 4 different times during the ride, jets of water are used to blast riders uphill, setting up for more big drops and an aggressively fun experience like no other.

As of right now, the ride doesn't look like it's quite open to the public, but we'll keep you informed on when Massiv will be operational and ready to everyone.

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