Mosquitos are terrible. We can't decide which is worse ... their buzzing, the itch of the bite, or the fact that they are literally taking our blood like miniature flying Dracula bugs.

Mosquito on White
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On a more serious note, if you believe you may have contracted the Zika virus, follow this link to read up on all you'll need to know. Today however, I'm just talking about relieving the itchiness.

During the Summer, we've got to deal with the heat and the humidity in any way we know how, but that doesn't mean hiding indoors for the whole season. There's also so much preparing you can do to keep the bugs away before those determined little devils make their way onto your arms and legs. So what are you to do AFTER they get ya?

Male mosquitoes survive by feeding on flower nectar and sweet juices, and it's only the FEMALE mosquito that sucks our blood out. Hmm, there's something to be said about that. The next time your friend slaps his arm and triumphantly screams, "GOT HIM!" you can correct him by dropping some National Geographic type knowledge on him.Here are a few quick remedies that may soothe that annoying mosquito bite.

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    Not the spray kind.

    (1) Apply roll-on antiperspirant to the bite.  It’s the aluminum salts in the under-arm reducing the swelling and decreasing the need to scratch.

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    Wet Hot American Wash Cloth

    (2) Soak a wash cloth in very hot water, then apply to the bite for about 60 seconds and repeat multiple times.  Inflammation should recede, and you could be itch free for a couple hours before doing the process all over again.

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    Not the drink, but the tape.

    (3) Putting some scotch tape on the bite for a couple hours, will speed up the recovery time of the swelling and prevent you from scratching the affected area.

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