The creators of this multi-colored sky scraping inflatable world worked very hard to make sure you have a memorable time with your family. This event is coming near East Texas, and I think think this qualifies as one of Dan's Day Trips for the summer. Just a 3-4 hour drive to Dallas and you are in the thick of it.

They will be in Dallas on May 3rd- 5th and May 10th - 12th. An all access pass is what I would recommend, and they have toddler areas that are less expensive. Adult all area sessions for ages 16 and older are just $28 for the day.

This is a huge bounce house. I am not kidding, your mind will be blown once you see the scale . A truly adult sized bounce house, just the main bouncer is 10,000 square feet. But there are even more areas. The Giant is a huge 900 feet worth of 50 obstacles. If you love American Ninja, this isn't that, but the kids will think it is.

There is also a space themed area like nothing you have ever seen before. A 60 foot tall maze, and a huge 5 lane slide. They also change things up with all kinds of different activities like face painting, personal bouncers, and a live MC/DJ playing music tailored to the guests at that specific time.  Take a look at The Big Bouce America.

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