David Chislton wasn't too happy when he was sentenced to 47 years in prison, but his reaction to his attorney put him in even more trouble.

According to NBC News, Chislton was being sentenced for over two dozen charges after assaulting his girlfriend and setting fire to an apartment in 2017.

After the during the sentencing his attorney was attempting to tell him his options he could possibly have before being sucker punched by Chislton before courtroom security intervened.

His attorney Aaron Brockler was planning to meet with him privately to see if his sentencing could be reduced before the attack.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he suffered minor facial injuries and a concussion.

I felt blessed that it was just a busted nose and a concussion.  It could have been avoidable, and hopefully I took a couple of shots so now nobody else will have to.

Chislton now faces additional charges from the incident.


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