Today is Veterans Day 2019. It's a chance for us to say thank you to all those that have worn one of our military branches uniforms and have served our country. They chose to lay their lives on the line to benefit us here on the home front.

For me, Veterans Day holds a special place in my life. Both of my grandfathers served in the Army. One served in Germany, one served in Vietnam AND Germany. I also have several great-uncles and cousins that served in the military for different tours. In addition to those family members, I also have numerous friends that have served in the military in some capacity. I've got friends that served in Operation: Iraqi Freedom and  Desert Storm. I've got friends that have been deployed not only at various camps across America, but in places as far away as Italy.

Today is a chance to thank those women and men who have stepped up to serve. Granted, we should be thanking them everyday, but this is the national day when all of America takes the time to show gratitude. They served, and they came home. Some came home without a scratch. Some came home with visible injuries. Some came home with mental scars that we can't imagine.

But they still served. They are veterans, and we owe them that gratitude. So, when you see a veteran, especially today, tell them thank you.

So, thank you to all who served, in every branch of the military, and Happy Veterans Day 2019!

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