Today is Veterans Day. It's a day that's for showing thanks to those that have served in the military, so that we can enjoy all of the rights and freedoms that we have. They gave their time and effort, so that we can enjoy all of that.

But, this shouldn't be a "one-day-only" thing. You should be thanking those Veterans every day, with every chance you get. Yes, today is the one Veterans Day on the calendar, so it's the only national holiday for it, but don't limit your thanks to those men and women to one day.

You might be thinking that I'm a bit over the top about this, and maybe I am. But, you need to realize this: I've had lots of family members and friends that have served in all different parts of the military. I didn't serve, but I'm so thankful that they all did. Both of my grandfathers served in the Army during Vietnam. Several of my cousins served in the military. And, I had lots of different friends that have served, and some that are still serving today. So, yes, I'm thankful for our Veterans.

I say all that to say this: Thank a Veteran. Show them your gratitude. And, if you're not grateful for what they've done, you need to check yourself. If they hadn't served, what would it be like now? Run that through your head a couple of times. I daresay it wouldn't be pretty if they hadn't served.

To all of our Veterans out there: Thank you for your service.


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