If you are walking around wearing a mask in Texas, you are doing so of your own volition starting next week. The mask mandate was lifted just minutes ago by Gov. Greg Abbott. Along with it an announcement that all businesses can open back up at any capacity they choose. We have been seeing a downturn in cases in Texas, but is this the right time?

If we are talking about the virus, no not really. People are still contracting the Covid-19 virus, and dying. Their suffering has been weighed against the suffering of families and small business owners struggling to pay their bills. Now that the State of Texas is 100 percent open, will things start to change? No matter how this turns out, I have a feeling we will not go back to masks.

We had a mask mandate in the State of Texas for just eight months, and I just got used to having it on. "Texans have mastered the habits to keep from getting COVID" is a direct quote from Gov. Abbott. Though health officials across the country would say otherwise. Texas is 3rd in the nation in COVID-19 deaths, behind California and New York.

After a brutal week in the darkness from a winter storm, we have another Texas Independence Day to celebrate. We will remember this one as the day that we stopped wearing the masks. Some people never started, and I am sure they feel like this is some sort of vindication. Just note businesses might still require them, at least until Wednesday the 10th for sure. Just like they require you to wear shirts.

Source KXAN Austin

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