The coolest trivia tidbit about The Rock: He won his first wrestling championship in Texas, Corpus Christi, to be exact. Dwayne Johnson said on Twitter that the battle is in Texas is a moment he will never forget!

I was never one to get into WWF and WWE when I was a kid, but I certainly did hear of The Rock. I can recall the phrase being said by people around me, "Can you SMELL what The Rock is cooking?!"


Do you know how some people play the game "6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon"? Here are my 6 Degrees to The Rock: Dwayne Johnson went to Glencliff and McGavock High Schools. He is two (2) years older than me so that means he was a junior when I went to Maplewood High. He doesn't disclose what years he went to Nashville high schools, so I have no clear way of knowing when we would have crossed paths, but I had friends that went to McGavock after middle school, so I am TWO to THREE degrees AWAY from The Rock!

1! 2! 3! Three degrees from The Rock and Kevin Bacon! Ah, ah, ah!


The Rock was in the movie Scorpion King with actress Kelly Hu. Kelly was in the movie The Air I Breathe, which starred Kevin Bacon! So I can get to Kevin Bacon in literally SIX DEGREES!


The Rock certainly has come a long way from lanky teenager to the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

Talk about started from the bottom, now we're here: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, can recall beating up teenage bullies for telling him WWF wrestling was fake. I guess he showed them, right? The Rock arguably became WWF's biggest star. The Rock has most recently done everything from starring in an animated Disney film, Moana, anyone? He also starred in a couple of Jumanji sequels. I have heard Dwayne will be playing the role of Black Adam in upcoming Justice League movies from DC Comics.

The Rock even has his own TV show on HBO called Ballers. I admit, I have never seen it, although I hear it's a really great TV show. Perhaps I'll put this in my queue for the coming weekend.

There's a new TV show called Young Rock, and it's supposed to be about Dwayne Johnson when he was, well, obviously, a youngster. It debuted on Hulu back on February 16th. The sitcom is typically about 20 minutes long and a new episode is released every Tuesday.


Young Rock was supposed to be filmed in Los Angeles, but as you know, the coronavirus shut down nearly all television production since March of 2020. The producers of the show decided to pack up shop and head to Australia for filming. They made all of their cast and crew go through quarantine before heading to the set to get to work.

Nate Jackson, a comedy store owner in Tacoma, Washington, gets to play a role inspired by a real WWF wrestler that had an impact on The Rock's life, Sylvester "Junkyard Dog" Ritter. Sylvester Ritter was an interesting character, although I hate that they used to put a chain around his neck to signify that he was from the "junkyard".

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