We've talked time and time again about how Buc-ee's is basically Texas royalty. That royalty has spread throughout the nation, with multiple locations scattered about. Despite that however, many haven't stepped foot inside one.

When somebody finally visits the hallowed grounds, it's a moment that many capture in real time. Pictures and videos show everyone's first reaction to the gas station that some compare to a Wal-Mart.

But there's one thing some of the newbies don't completely understand. And if you're somebody who hasn't visited Bu-cee's yet, this little tidbit of information is for you. Learn from your fellow Texans.

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There is a certain way to pronounce Bu-cee's. The way to say it? It's pronounced Buck-E's

Sadly, some hadn't heard how to say it before they visited.

Take for example this fine Tik Tok:

Yea, this probably something you shouldn't repeat in public. Also the mascot's name is Bucky...and why does it change from night to day in the video? Seems sort of backwards doesn't it?

Let's take another look at a Tik Tok of a first time visitor:

Did they...pronounce it like the last name of Gary Busey? That's definitely a new one. Also in the video, they call Bucky a...Gopher?

I suppose from simply looking at the logo, you could make that mistake. But there's a big statue of our beaver friend outside the station. We could be falling for a big joke here, but she also asks "why beaver nuggets are in the gopher store."

Well, sometimes you can't say everything right. We leave with a video that definitely describes how Bu-cee's felt at a store meeting though.


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