Just under 38,000 people are currently part of the Facebook group titled “Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recommendations”. It’s a group that was started 4+ years ago to help give suggestions to other people here in East Texas but obviously, most having to do with specifically Tyler, TX although often times surrounding areas are discussed as well. 

Just like every social media group there are some really great suggestions and lots of support for small businesses in the area and sometimes people go on there just to vent or complain about petty little issues. Sometimes the smaller issues are called out by others and those posts create some of the best conversations.  

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You Have to Be Careful with What You Post on Tyler, TX RR&R 

Often people jump on the popular social media group and expect others to just support what they’re saying, and people here in East Texas are quick to tell you how they really feel. Although there are other times people post just to get a laugh, such as #Picklegate. Last year there was a lady who was just having fun and posted about not enough pickles on her Chick-fil-A sandwich and it turned into a week-long conversation and everyone had an opinion on the topic.  

There Is Now TTRRR Merch That You Can Buy 

We’ve seen similar merchandise pages made for groups in Longview, Texas and now the Tyler page has merch that you can purchase. There are t-shirts and merch currently available and I did hear that #Picklegate merch might be coming soon.  

Just like everything on the internet, you have to laugh at the stuff you read on this page and not take it too serious. Except for the food recommendations, you should always take those serious. If you want to see the TTRRR merch shop, click here.   

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