An 8th grade class in Texas was asked to list the negatives and positives of slavery, and that worksheet has earned the history teacher an unexpected leave of absence.  It's also brought on an apology from the school district.

The charter school in San Antonio issued an apology after the story went viral last week.

Newsweek said the superintendent, Aaron Kindel, described the assignment as “very inappropriate and entirely inconsistent with Great Hearts philosophy and culture.”  An 8th grade history teachers asked students to think about the positives and negatives of the slavery issue.

The teacher at Great Hearts Monte Vista who was in charge of the worksheet is on leave, and the school is digging into the history textbook that was part of the lesson. The mistake has also been explained to the class, according to the Associated Press.

It all started last week when an 8th grade parent posted the worksheet on Facebook, and the news spread to a Texas lawmaker who tweeted his distaste for it and the story spread from there.  US Congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted the worksheet was "absolutely unacceptable" and said slavery was "utterly dehumanizing."  As you can imagine, there have been thousands of comments about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Some social media posts get a little mundane and routine, but this one is having a huge impact and may end up changing a curriculum.  And it might give the teacher a whole new perspective.

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