So, yes, I'm a bit biased. Let's just go ahead and put that out there. I graduated from SFA with a degree in Mass Media, with an emphasis in Radio/TV production. During college, I helped run KSAU, the college radio station. Being on-air was the greatest thing ever. Hence, the reason I currently work as an on-air personality.

Fast-forward to today.

I'm scrolling through Facebook, and I see a picture from the SFA Mass Communication Department of a couple of students taking part in "College Radio Day" how? By being on-air, of course! This is the image that I saw come across my news feed:

These two are on-air for the "College Radio Day"! They've got their tent set up, they've got their table set up, their table cover out (with what looks like some free swag, or at least some CDs), they've got their speaker set up and jamming, and they are - most importantly - broadcasting. And who could forget? They've got their axes up and showing off SFA pride.

It did this SFA Alum's heart good to see this on Facebook. I was pretty pumped to see it, for sure. And these weren't the only two. There are several students from SFA that took part in this event, that also have their pictures up on the SFA Mass Comm Facebook as well!

So, well done Lumberjacks. This was awesome to see, and it even came on the SFA/SHSU Rivalry Week. Even better!

As we always say, Axe 'Em, Jacks!


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