As most of you know, yesterday marked the beginning of the school year in Nacogdoches. Students all across town started at the same time. Everyone from elementary, middle school and the high school campus began their scholastic year on Monday. And, some of the Nacogdoches ISD students started their year off with a visit from some local celebrities. Check out the post from the Nacogdoches ISD Facebook page:

These pictures were taken from in front of Raguet Elementary School, just down the road from the SFA campus. Yes, those are members from the Lumberjack football team. You see, yesterday was also the first day for the students of Stephen F. Austin State University. These players took some time out of their busy class and workout schedule to come meet the elementary students. However, Raguet wasn't the only school to get in on the festivities of the first day of school. This post was also on the Nacogdoches ISD Facebook page, originally posted from the Thomas J. Rusk Elementary School:

I personally think it's pretty awesome to see the players go out of their way to make the first day of school memorable for the kids in Nac ISD. I know that it would have been a memorable experience for me if this had been done when I was in school. Heck, it'd be a memorable experience now! Send 'em on to the radio station!

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