If you only had three months to live, what would you do with your time?  Fly to Mexico of course!  That's what the monarchs are doing right now, and we've got the scoop on a massive migration through Texas that you can't help but notice.

This is a massive migration that's happening now and lasting through early October.  Only In Your State.com says it's one of the biggest we've ever seen.  The monarch butterflies are flying south for the winter, just like birds do, and the path takes them right through Texas.

If you notice that some of these orange and black butterflies are enormous and more striking in their appearance than they were in the spring, it's because they're in a stage of life now that makes them "super monarchs," which are part of the fourth generation of butterflies born this year.  They're the biggest and the fastest and the strongest so far, and that's why they are equipped to make the trek from places like the Rocky Mountains all the way to Mexico.

The super monarchs have a lifespan of almost three months (80 days actually) while normal backyard monarchs only live for about a month.  And these things are ambitious!  They only live for a quarter of a year, and holy cow, are they ever making the most of it.  They're exercising more than most of us, spending quality time with their pack, and traveling to far-away places on their bucket lists.  We can learn from them.

The monarchs will be looking for nectar to give them the energy for the trip, so they'll be landing in your back yard if you've got nectar-rich flowers.

The migration will be finished by October 15th and then we'll have to wait for the spring to see them again, so take some pics of the migrating butterfly herds and get 'em on social media while you can.  This is one more reason why it's cool to be in Texas.

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