If you've planned an outdoor wedding and it snows, do you forge ahead with your plans? One Texas couple did.

Two things come to mind.  First, if you schedule an outdoor wedding for February 27th, you're taking a huge risk.  And second, can a bride wear a coat if she wants?  Apparently not.  This bride was sleeveless and had bare arms, and seemed just as tough as a Green Bay Packer at Lambeau in January.

What about the guests who would rather not freeze their butts off out there?  I'm sure they were praying for a quick ceremony.  That's one way to get the guests to stay quiet during the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part.  No one wants to prolong the ceremony so they'll keep quiet.

Regardless, congrats to the happy couple!  Clay Shelburn and his new bride Tiffany can warm up now on the honeymoon.

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