Snow is not something that we're really used to. We don't know how to deal with it. Why? Because it's not something that we tend to see every year. I mean, c'mon, we have enough trouble driving in the rain. Throw ice into the mix, and we're all kinds of disoriented.

However, we have already seen the first snow of the year. It happened this morning. There wasn't enough to stick or accumulate, but it still happened. I think we'll be referring to it as "The Deep East Texas Mega-Blizzard of 2018," or "Snowmageddon '18". It'll be cool (Haha! Get it??? Cool, as in snow, freezing temps, etc...oh, whatever).

Anyway, now we're curious as to which school will react first with precautionary measures. Will it be an early release today? A delayed start tomorrow? An all-out cancellation tomorrow? We'll just have to wait and see...

Also, which school will be the first to act? Will it be one of our bigger districts like Nacogdoches or Lufkin? Will it be one further east like West Sabine or Hemphill? Or, will it be one somewhere in between, like San Augustine or Alto? Which will be the first? Because, as you know, we take our snow pretty seriously.

Side-note: If you're one of those people that is new to East Texas, perhaps by transplant, and you think that we're overthinking the snow here, or you're thinking about how much we're overreacting to this seasonal change, come talk to me in July when we're in triple-digits on a daily basis. Then, we'll discuss who's overreacting. Alright. Rant over.

Let us know who you think will react to this new weather in the comment section below. Otherwise, bundle up, and be careful on the roads, because there's more on the way!

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