Sergeant Brent Wright with the North Richland Hills Police Department is walking from Dallas to Austin, Texas, to honor our officers who have fallen in the line of duty. He is walking 163 miles for 163 lives.

Rissa Shaw with News 10 took the photo below of firefighters in Elm Mott who walked alongside Brent on Tuesday.

Photo and story by Rissa Shaw of KWTX News 10

Wright talked about the motivation behind the 163-mile walk and said, "Last year in just seemed like every week there was another one dying by being hit by an automobile, a gunfire shooting, or any kind of health-related issues, and I just wanted to do something to show them that I cared, something that we could remember them by."

It's Wright's 18th year on the force but it's his first "Walk of Reflection". 150 police officers died in the line of duty in 2018, and 13 more in 2019. Wright began the walk on April 25th and is averaging about 20 miles per day. He stopped in Briceville-Eddy yesterday. He has about 3 to 4 more days left before he reaches Austin.

Sergeant Brent Wright got a little taste of I-35 corridor traffic during his walk. He's been going live on Facebook as he makes his way to Austin noting on Tuesday that, "Waco is crazy, traffic here is insane." While the walk isn't easy he says every mile he completes motivates him to continue to honor the fallen officers.

A quick search on Facebook for Sergeant Brent Wright will show you all kinds of photos and videos from his journey through Texas so far. If you get the chance to see him over the next couple of days be sure to thank him for his service and taking the time to remember our fallen officers. We've seen members of Hewitt PD, Bruceville Eddy PD, Lacy Lakeview FD, Elm Mott VFD, and even the Bell County Sheriff's Office has been out to provide a police escort to keep Wright protected as he walks.

Helping him on his journey are police and fire department's along the way: from West PD and Bruceville Eddy PD to Lacy Lakeview FD and Elm Mott VFD, first-responders have been coming out to support Wright as he makes his way through their city.

Wright enjoyed a nights rest in Bruceville-Eddy and hit the road south towards Austin just before 7 am this morning.


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