East Texas Giving Day is uplifting local non-profit organizations through an entire day of giving.

East Texas non-profit organizations do so much for our community to make it a better place to live, but it takes funds to keep them going. Today, you can help make their operating budgets for the month and even the year with your contribution. These organizations are constantly raising funds to continue their mission, so it would be nice if their goal was met in one day for an entire year.


Today, April 30th is East Texas Giving Day. A Day the calls your attention to the need to support and donate money to local non-profit organizations that you believe in and support.

The purpose of 'East Texas Day of Giving' is to bring the entire East Texas region together on a single day as a single community and shine the light on the need of raising money and spreading awareness of the many non-profits throughout the 32 counties in East Texas. Donors may give online to one of the 185 specific organizations or to a general fund that will be divided up. Some specific groups have matching funds available to them, so help them reach that goal to receive those matching funds.

East Texas Giving Day happens for 18 hours only - Tuesday, April 30th from 6 a.m. to midnight. Visit East Texas Giving Day and support a local non-profit organization.