“What in the name of General Patton has this man’s Army come to?!?”…is a question many people in the comments section of Youtube were asking after watching the following video. It was loaded by the actual DS, Sgt. Lincoln Crisler marching his troops at Ft. Gordon in Georgia to the cadence of “Baby Shark”.

Clearly, this is some innovative cadence calling on the part of DS Crisler. Maybe I’m just nostalgic but I miss the days of cadences about Eskimo women and the relative temperature of the nether regions.

I suppose in the 2019 you can’t really be shouting those kind of things out loud. I get that. But, how are these young soldiers going to be able to tell the difference between their weapons and their genitals unless they have it drilled into them by a Drill Sarn screaming it at them at a distance of one inch from their ear canals?

In fairness, those cadences are from the Marine Corps (and, also, fictional). The video of the Baby Shark cadence is from a (non-fictional) Army base.

Say… I wonder how the U.S. Navy feels about this. I feel like THEY should’ve really had dibs on something with such a nautical theme as Baby Shark.

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