This kid has hair that's business in the front, and party in the back. It's always bigger in Texas and we also make our mullets better too. Just look at 8-year-old Jaxson Crossland and his fantastic mane. The Celeste, Texas third-grader just took home the gold at Mullet Champ, the national mullet championships in the kids category. His hair, nicknamed the "Curly Mullet," won against some stiff competition from kids all over the country. Jaxson took home the grand prize of $500 for his luscious locks. His mom, Zoie Shepard, told CNN Jax is happy with his win and new-found notoriety:

"Jax has been just ecstatic since winning. It's been so great to be able to enter him into something that celebrates what makes him different. It's been so awesome for Jax, people recognize him everywhere now."

The Mullet Champ competition has men and kids submit photos of their impressive hairstyles which include all types of mullet variations. In case you are wondering, there are several versions of the mullet including the curly mullet, modern mullet (both long and short), Tennessee top hat, Texas tailgate, the waterfall, the Joe Dirt, and more. Seriously, there are a ton of classic mullet styles as well as new modern twists. Look some up and switch up your hairstyle to a mullet asap.

Jaxson took his trophy, prize money, and new swag home and was proud of his accomplishment. So what did he do with his earnings? He used the money to buy some new boxing gear and take classes, according to CNN. Read more about Jaxson Crossland and see the amazing Mullet Hall of Fame on the Mullet Champ website too.

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