This is hard to believe.  A new study reported by a Detroit TV station seems to show that for today's young adults -- the "Internet Generation" -- “sexting,” sending sexually explicit photos or messages through their phones, may be a normal, healthy component of modern dating.



Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health studied the sexting and sexual behavior of about 3500 men and women between the ages 18 and 24.

The study showed that while sexting is very common in that age group, it doesn't appear to be associated with risky sexual behavior or psychological problems.

Researchers say they reached the conclusion that people who send sexting messages are no more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior than those who don't.

One of the researchers says this contradicts the negative public perception of sexting, which is often portrayed in the media as unsavory, deviant or even criminal.  They hasten to point out that their study focused on young adults over the age of 18, and that minors under 18 can get in legal trouble if they're caught sexting.

So sexting can get kids in trouble, but it's normal for adults?  Amazing.  Go figure.

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