My boyfriend wouldn't do that....would he?  All over the world, young women and teenage girls are learning, to their dismay, that their boyfriends really did do that.  He put their precious private - and explicit - photos on the Internet.

Houston psychologist Dr. Sally Porter Ross says having a personal computer creates incredible opportunities, but it also contains frightening possibilities.

Practically every home now has at least one PC and Internet service, and parents really have to scramble to educate their children and grandchildren about the dangers lurking there.

Ross says one serious danger is the growing phenomenon of teenage girls emailing sexually explicit photos of themselves to their boyfriends, and later learning the hard way that they shouldn't have done that.

She says these naive girls all say they thought their boyfriend was different, that he would never do anything to hurt them and that their love was special and trusting.   Then they broke up, and those intimate, special photos began appearing all over the place.  Humiliated, angry and confused, these girls and their families seek counseling to help them deal with their pain.

Law officers who monitor the Internet for sexual predators and child pornography say there are many websites that show explicit photos of ex-girlfriends and ex-wives.  The photos are sent by ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands after an angry break-up or divorce.

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