New York Congressman Anthony Weiner may be the most highly placed person who has been forced to resign for sending lewd messages and photos to women via his twitter account, but people up and down the economic food chain are also losing their jobs for doing the same thing.


The latest is a top executive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). who  resigned his high salary position this week, when it was learned that he has been sending sexually explicit messages on his LAX-issued phone.

LAX CEO Gina Marie Lindsay says Michael Molina resigned Wednesday when she called him to ask if the allegations are true.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declined to comment about the resignation, saying only that sending sexually explicit messages isn't appropriate for anyone, especially public officials using city issued phones.

Molina was with LAX for three years, and his reported salary was $192,400. He's unemployed now.

Parents should show these stories to their teenagers who think it's harmless fun to send sexy messages and intimate photos of themselves to their friends and boyfriends.  They need to know that sexting can get them fired, and cause problems that will follow them the rest of their lives.

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