People are being real creative when it comes to sexting as using things like the phone is going out of style.

New York Post, couples are now sexting through

Apparently couples are sharing a single document and exchange messages in the main body of text using the in-line comment function which is very creative.

One couple Simone and her boyfriend shared a digital document called Bedtime Stories back in January.  They were dating long distance and their document has now grown to 27 pages.

Simone explains more about her sexting document,

I kind of think of it as the modern love letter. It’s very fun and fantasy-filled . . . Sometimes we just link to erotica we like.

Now even while sexting through Google Docs you still have to take precautionary measures because updates could appear any any given time as Simone's boyfriend stated you could possibly send the wrong message to the wrong person like your Boss!

Talk about awkward.

Would you try sexting through Google Docs?

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