This Hot-N-Ready photo was taken today (May 12th, 2021) in Lufkin, Texas. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is a thousand questions. After all this rain, they might have had to use it to get out of their driveway. Is it just kids on a joyride? Did the pizza get back to the house still warm?

It's a little strange to see a crew cab, off-road vehicle in town. If I can drive a Slingshot or a motorcycle, why not this? It all comes down to Texas law. ATV's, ROV's, SXS can't be driven on public streets, unless you are crossing the street between your land, and then only cross at an intersection.

I am assuming since this pizza restaurant is so close to the Brookhollow subdivision, they didn't have to get on the loop. This is private property, so they could have towed it there. They could have land behind the shops, and this could be perfectly legal. These might have all been plausible reasons, if a police officer had spotted this.

Driving ATV's on the road is still illegal in Texas. It's a Class C misdemeanor with a fine up to $500, unless you are a farmer, a public utility worker in Lufkin spraying weeds on curbs, or a Law Enforcement Officer. Lufkin PD has a pretty sweet SXS that they drive during events.

I've been looking for pictures that just scream Deep East Texas. I'm usually stuck in the studio, so I don't always catch people doing the things like this. Thanks to Andy House for the photo, with no context to let my conjecture run wild.

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