If you think you already know everything there is to know about Country Western dancing, this might still be for you. Doyle Perry is the name attached, and I feel like I know who that is for some reason. He will be giving lessons at the Lufkin VFW.

Classes are every Tuesday from 7pm-10pm at Lufkin VFW Post 1836 and Auxiliary, on 1800 Ford Chapel Rd in Lufkin Texas 75901. Doyle will be instructing on all the latest and greatest dance styles and techniques. Lessons are $10 per person.

Beginners are welcome, but even more experienced dancers can learn from Doyle. Learn new patterns and polish your technique. If you are looking to finally hit a club after lockdown and show off, you got to start somewhere, and this might be that.

A quick search of the internet and I found that Doyle also does, or did, this on Thursdays in Longview. So he must be the best around. 

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I can imagine a scenario where this would come in handy. You have two left feet, and you want to surprise your significate other with your new moves. You are new to Texas and want to learn Country Western dancing in the best most authentic way possible.

You never know when some sweet line dancing or two stepping might break out at a function. Better to be prepared, especially if you are from Texas. They might expect you to at least be able to two step around a bit.

Dancing is great exercise, so even if you don't love country music, it might just do you some good.

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