I was so pumped when I found out Pizza Hut is revamping their Camp Book It! summer reading program. I always loved reading, but this incentive took my knowledge quest to new heights. If you were a 90's kid then you know how it all went down. The program is a little different this time around.

Starting in June your kid can start setting their sights on getting a few books under their belts for the promise of pizza, of course. If you have kids between the ages of 4 and 12 the great part for you is it keeps them reading over the summer.

Once a month they can earn a free personal pan pizza. It's a big deal for some kids to get pizza that they don't have to share or be told what toppings should be on it. They get to pick for themselves.

I knew I already loved pizza, but getting a personal pan all to my own was great motivation to hit the books. That savory taste of pizza victory had me ready to go to the library to check out more books every week. The nostalgia is strong with this one.

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That is the point really - to get adults that participated in this program when they were young, to have their own kids follow in their footsteps. There aren't many things kids nowadays are excited to do that you did when you were young, but if they aren't into reading then at least check out the merch. You are going to want this T-Shirt.


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