Still trying to come up with the perfect summer getaway? I completely understand not wanting to spend a ton of time in the car - but wanting to be somewhere on the water away from the hustle and bustle. This may be just the place, but you may want to act fast.

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Just how far do you have to travel?

Just an hour and a half outside of Tyler, you'll find Tool, TX alongside the Cedar Creek Reservoir. Bring along your friends and you can all take advantage of this really cool, waterfront, 3 bedroom/3 bathroom AirBnB just in time for the summer: welcome to Cedar Crest Shores.

If you're into fishing, boating, or sunbathing on the wraparound deck - it looks like this place has it all.

You said $33 a night. How?

The AirBnb listing says that the home can be booked for as low as $396 a night (which I can't find anywhere) and can hold a maximum of 12 people. Now that rate does change depending on what time of year you decide to book. June and July are filling up fast, but if you're ok with going in August, some of those nights are going at a rate of $405-$430 a night.

Don't forget the fees!

Just in case you're ready to hop on this one - let me be transparent. There are other fees outside of just booking your nights. Like most AirBnb rentals, there are cleaning fees and taxes associated with your reservation. For this waterfront getaway, you're looking at a cleaning fee of $217, a service fee of $279, and occupany and taxes fees totaling $102.

You see how bringing friends along makes this cheaper? Once you see the pictures of what this place looks like - those fees may be well worth it. Stand by for those!

Waterfront just isn't my thing. What else ya got?

I get it; some folks aren't water folks. Lucky for you, I've also covered this gorgeous hill country cabin (click here to check that one out), and another Texas getaway that has it's own waterpark - not lake (check that one out here too). Let me know what you think!

LOOK INSIDE: Waterfront Getaway in Tool, TX

If you need a AirBnB or just want to get out of town for a summer weekend, this may be just the place in Tool, TX.

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