Living in East Texas, stories of the historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas have become commonplace. You may have friends that have spoken of this place over the dinner table, or just to creep you out closer to Halloween's spooky season. Either way, many folks have their mind made up over whether or not the Jefferson Hotel is haunted.

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If you're on the fence, this video may get you say - "yeah...that's some creepy stuff".

What happened in Room 17?

In March of this year, two guests checked in to the Jefferson Hotel's Room 17, only to be spooked so much that they left in the middle of the night. The couple settled in for the night and went into the bathroom to take a shower. You can imagine that the bathroom began to fog up...and when the couple took a peek at the bathroom mirror, there was a message that read 'you must leave'.

Not super comfortable to read, but the pair didn't think much of it, wiped it off, and got back in the shower. Well, Mr. Ghost didn't appreciate that they didn't take the message seriously and CHANGED the message.

When they got out of the shower, the message read 'GET OUT'. The couple dropped everything, locked themselves out of the bathroom and grabbed what they could to get dressed. The hotel staff said they checked out frantically just after 1 a.m., leaving some  belongings in the room.

The Third Face

The Jefferson Hotel staff wanted to see if they could document what caused the pair in Room 17 to leave in such an abrupt way - so they went straight to Room 17 itself. Thanks to the Jefferson Hotel's YouTube channel, we got to see it for ourselves! The hotel staff says that seeing messages written on walls or mirrors isn't anything new, but the fact that this message changed in a matter of minutes was very strange.

The staff ran the shower to make the mirror fog up again so that they could see the message. At first glance, the hotel staff said that the handwriting looked like someone was playing a prank...that was until they reviewed the pictures they took.

Take a look at the pictures below for yourself. In every picture, the staff says there were only two staff members in the bathroom - except for one.

Credit: YouTube/Historic Jefferson Hotel
Credit: YouTube/Historic Jefferson Hotel
Credit: YouTube/Historic Jefferson Hotel
Credit: YouTube/Historic Jefferson Hotel

If you look closely, you can see a third face seeming to peek around the man standing on the left side of the photo. The staff says that they have no idea who this person is.

Would you stay at the Jefferson Hotel?

The staff says they went back the next day to recreate the mirror fogging again in order to see the message. This time the message didn't appear.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather get some sleep when I check into a hotel. Whether it's a 'staycation' or a trip to Walt Disney World - I'm not trying to have an uninvited paranormal guest stay with me...especially in the bathroom.

That didn't spook you enough about the Jefferson Hotel? Check out what happened in room 13 with Eddie 'the haunted doll'. NO THANK YOU.

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