The heat is on, and the watermelons are delicious this time of year here in Deep East Texas. Cut them open when they are perfectly ripe and they reveal amazing meat, a dark rich red, or bright yellow.

We got a ton of rain right when the watermelons needed it. Then as soon as it subsided, the sweetening began. Luckily it wasn't as rainy during the fruiting stage.

In our area the ones that are grown in Grapeland are the most sought after. The perfect growing temperatures, and sandy soil make them taste just the way we want them.

This pertains to all types of watermelons it seems. Seedless, yellow, red, they can all be found, and grown in Grapeland.

The Pennington family in Grapeland raises over 500 acres of watermelons. Those are the ones you can find at stores all around Texas, and throughout the United States.

You can also find them in Grapeland at their two stands. Downtown at the Pennington building on the corner of Market and Chestnut street, at the blinking light. They have a highway stand at the KB Express Exxon Station on Hwy 28. In Crockett they also have a stand on the corner of 4th and Bell Street.

They even sell them wholesale by the load at the melon shed in Grapeland. Call them at 938-687-4710. You could even start your own roadside stand, if you wanted.

Look for the Pennington Red Diamond. This one is seedless, sweet, and very firm. Very different than what my grandfather grew on his farm back in the 50's and 60's.

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Watermelon season in Deep East Texas is from June through August, so you will have plenty of time to pick one up.

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