This may be the craziest package delivery season ever.

With millions of packages on the way thanks to all of our cyber shopping, the Fed Ex and UPS drivers, and mail carriers have to be going nuts.  Again, I'm sorry for all of my adding to cart.  But please bring those packages soon.

Have you had a package get lost or delayed?  I'm hearing some wild stories.

A friend yesterday told me she had a package get delayed because of last week's weather in Dallas, and instead of delivering the package when the weather cleared, the delivery company shipped it back to the store.  WHAT?!  Why wouldn't they just stack it up in the corner and deliver it when the weather cleared.  Perhaps because it wouldn't fit on the mountain of stranded packages already taking up space in the warehouse. Regardless, the package is finally on it's way to my friend for the second time, and it will be here by Christmas.  Crisis averted.

I ordered something online on Black Friday thinking I would get it the following week, and it's still not here.  In fact, the tracking information didn't update between 12/11 and 12/15, and just said it would be "delayed one business day because of adverse weather conditions."  That was more than one day!  Finally, at 2am today, the tracking info updated to say it would be delivered tomorrow.  My nieces, sister, and dad will have gifts to open after all.

Thanks, delivery drivers and package sorters, for the fine work you do!  Things will slow down in a couple of weeks.  Hang in there!

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