I am on a subscription box kick. When I tell you I am down to try any kind of subscription box I mean it. From food to hygiene I am signing up for it. I am currently trying all kinds of different meal kit delivery services. This is probably the most expensive month of my life. I am all about convenience due to my work schedule. I heard my friend talk about how his wife started stealing all of his razors. Let's be real ladies, we all steal our man's razors because they're just better. Isn't that sad? Arguing over if you stole his razors or not can be a thing of the past and you don't feel odd shopping in the men's grooming area.

Krystal Montez

I am going to try out the Dollar Shave Club and check back in with you if I think it's worth it or not. What subscription box have you used that you love and can't imagine life without? Tell me about it and feel free to send me all of those free promo codes!