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Just a few months ago, Nacogdoches and Lufkin had a new service open up in the area. That service was WAITR. Similar to GrubHub and Door Dash, WAITR allowed people to order their favorite foods from their favorite restaurants, and then had the food delivered to them. It seemed to be a pretty cool deal.

Yesterday, I came across a post on a Facebook group that said that WAITR had "ceased all operations in Nacogdoches and Lufkin today".

Now, I haven't been able to confirm or deny this yet. Nacogdoches and Lufkin are both still listed on their cities list on their website, and the local restaurants are still listed on there as well. However, I'm still curious to see if this is actually happening.

Has WAITR left the Deep East Texas area? Or, are they still around? They haven't been open in this area very long, so it would be somewhat surprising to see them go away so quickly. We would see the green WAITR signs at lots of our local restaurants, as well as their delivery drivers running out and about. If they have left, it's going to be different not seeing these things around.

We'll keep you posted on whether or not they've left, and we'll be sure to have it here. Until then, can anyone confirm or deny this? And, even if you can't, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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