Package Delivery Drivers Are Slammed! Have You Had Problems?
This may be the craziest package delivery season ever.
With millions of packages on the way thanks to all of our cyber shopping, the Fed Ex and UPS drivers, and mail carriers have to be going nuts.  Again, I'm sorry for all of my adding to cart.  But please bring those packages soon.
Closure of Tyler Mail Processing Center Could Delay Your Mail
More is known now about the timeline for the closure of an East Texas mail processing center.
Last May we brought you the news here on this blog, that the mail processing facility in Tyler was on the list of announced closures as the postal service looks to tighten up its budget, and now it looks lik…
US Postmaster Proposes Eliminating Saturday Mail Delivery
Email and other electronic transactions have caused a dramatic drop in the volume of snail-mail and its associated revenues — so much so that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has proposed eliminating Saturday mail delivery.
It’s a move that could save the United States Postal …