NASA has gone more high-tech than ever to give the public the power to journey through the solar system using a new interactive Web-based tool.

The "Eyes on the Solar System" is a free interface that combines video game technology and NASA data to create an environment for users to ride along with agency spacecraft and explore the cosmos.  Screen graphics and information on planet locations and spacecraft maneuvers use actual space mission data.

The virtual environment displays models of planets, moons, asteroids, comets and spacecraft as they move through our solar system. With keyboard and mouse controls, users cruise through space to explore anything that catches their interest.

Users can experience missions in real-time, and travel backward and forward through time.  The tool is populated with NASA data dating back to 1950 and projected to 2050.

"Eyes on the Solar System" has been demonstrated at science conferences, in classrooms and at the 2011 South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin.

via NASA offers public new internet tool to explore the Solar System - Your Houston News: News.

"Eyes on the Solar System" and an introduction video are available at:

via Eyes on the Solar System.

A free browser plug-in, available for downloading at the site, is required to run the Web application.