Some Lufkin students aren't taking the summer off to lay by the pool.  Okay, maybe they'll do that too.  But they're studying right now under the Gear Up STEM program at Lufkin High School, and they're getting to do some pretty cool things.

Yesterday the students in the program got to study how energy works, by looking at Hollywood movies.  They had to analyze how much energy it might take to stop a Super Hero.

And Friday they're headed to NASA to meet and interact with astronauts. They'll get a tour of the facilities and see how the astronauts train for outer space.

Sound like a memorable summer!  The Lufkin ISD shares more on its Facebook page, and says the students have studied forensics too this week, and we might have some budding Crime Scene Investigators.

The Gear Up program helps with college readiness and awareness, helps students get a boost with advanced academics, and apparently they have fun too.  Lufkin students are taking full advantage.


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