If you are coming to, or leaving Nacogdoches take special care that you are observing posted speed limits. Construction continues on what will one day be I69. The speed limit has gone down to 45 in the area now, since most of it is a construction zone.

Based on officers' observations and input from the community we are going to place additional police resources in the area to slow traffic down to the posted speed limits. Remember this area is under construction. Please slow down and obey all traffic control devices. As always leave earlier, drive slower, and get there safe.

The Focused Traffic Enforcement Program was implemented to bring additional police resources to areas of concern within the city. They determine those areas by listening to our citizens and observations by your Officers.

They hope to bring attention to the problem using social media so there is voluntary compliance before Officers begin focusing on the area. The #1 goal of this program is to increase the overall safety of all  citizens.

So take it easy out there no matter where you are on the future I69 route. Let the people not obeying the speed limit get the tickets, and don't join them. If you drive that route a lot, you know that most of the issues are from out of town motorists. When most of the highway is 75, it's really hard to go 45.

I also saw more of the Diboll over pass that was going on today, further south on the new I-69 corridor. It is coming along just as fast as the Nacogdoches area, and things will be moving fast, so stay alert of warning signs and workers.

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